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Welcome to the online home of the Canadian Reformed Church at Barrhead.

Our name describes who we are.

We are Canadian, meaning that God has placed us in this beautiful country with the calling to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, to live as respectable citizens and to promote the coming of His Kingdom.

We are Reformed meaning that our roots go back to the great Reformation when God caused his church to return to the fundamentals (namely, Scripture alone, faith alone, grace alone) of the Christian faith.

We are Church meaning a gathering of or community of people who believe in, worship, and witness to the Triune God, namely God the Father who has created us, God the Son who has redeemed us and God the Holy Spirit who renews us.

We are at BarrheadĀ  meaning that we are a local congregation of the federation of Canadian Reformed Churches located in the beautiful Town of Barrhead, Alberta.

Barrhead is an agricultural based town of about 4600 people and is located about 110 km northwest of the Edmonton, the major center of northern Alberta.

Our church building is located at 6105 43 St., Barrhead, Alberta.

Our mailing address is Box 4746 Barrhead, AB T7N 1A6

Pastor Gerard Veurink regularly leads the worship services and proclaims the Word of God to us.

Please take the time to learn about our congregation and federation, and especially about God who we worship.

For more information about our churches and our federation, please visit